Lost Sea – Review

The Bermuda triangle is responsible for numerous mysterious disappearances, and after a freak storm over the Atlantic you find yourself stranded on a mysterious island. Can you escape the Lost Sea?


Lost Sea is an action adventure game about exploration and after selecting your protagonist from 8 characters, you find yourself on the shores of a desert island.  As you venture inland through the jungle, you’ll find bushes to chop down, boxes to crack open, creatures to kill and a mysterious tablet,

These tablets allow your boat to travel a set number of spaces, so you’ll want to collect as many as possible to give yourself more options when you leave the island.

You’ll soon open up a trader who will allow you to use your XP (from killing enemies) to unlock player skills, such as carrying more items, leading more recruits or various new attacks. Coins found in the boxes can also be used to purchase ship upgrades and these cover things such as highlighting points of interest on the map and getting the most from your collected tablets.


Dotted around each map you’ll find between 1 and 3 tablets, but there’s also keys, chests and survivors to look out for, the first port of call should be a survivor, these guys have their own selection of skills, and are useful for unlocking the chests for an item, or carrying tablets for you.

One of the most useful skills allows the recruit to revive you when your our of health, and due to death resulting in a game over, it’s certainly a useful feat to look out for.

Initially you can only recruit one survivor, but those player skills allow you to boost that to 4. Having a good mix of survivors is important as they’re far more useful that simply carrying tablets around with you, building bridges, digging up buried items, XP boosts and opening chests each have their uses, and wandering around with at least 2 recruits will enable you to carry back all 3 tablets to save backtracking to the dock.

The downside is, the recruits literally follow you around like a lost puppy, turn a corner too quick and one is bound to get stuck on the wall, and evading enemies is even more difficult when your crew seem to stand in the way meaning if they’re not hurt by an enemies attack, they’ll probably get hit as you swing your own sword around.


Back to the dock with your tablets, you can choose to leave the island, once you leave there’s no turning back and you lose any survivors that aren’t currently recruited. select your next destination from a handful of options depending on the numbers on the discovered tablets.If your health is running low you might want to avoid the hard levels in the hope of finding some health, or likewise with full health and a effective crew you might head to a hard level in the hope of finding some hidden treasure.

As you reach the end of the first Jungle zone, you’ll face the final island which is a boss battle, your crew run away in fear, and you’re one on one with the big guys, the first is a pirate that fires cannonballs you’ll need to evade, before trying to belly-flop you, Player skills such as sprint are a worthy addition, but thankfully it’s not too challenging.

After defeating him you collect your health and explore his base before moving on to the next zone (Desert).  In all there’s 5 zones, and each features a different environment mixed with some new enemies.

Reaching a new zone also means you can warp back to this area with your next character if you die, You’ll lose all skills and upgrades, but dependent on the amount of tablet’s you’ve picked up, there’ll be a healthy XP and coin boost waiting for you when you start your new adventure.


Lost Sea certainly feels unique, and while it follows a very cutesy cartoon style, there’s plenty of detail to the map and some great colour to the sharp and well drawn visuals. it’s just as much of a challenge for older gamers. Managing your crew, discovering the tablets and moving through the zones is great fun and controls feel fairly simple, but you’ll soon end up using most buttons as you unlock more attacks or the sprint ability.

Sprinting consumes stamina which gives you another bar to manage, however unlike your health this refills over time.

Other than that only real strategy is to  keep your recruits with a mixture of skills, you’ll regularly find new survivors, which means you can swap others out if there’s health seems a little low, or maybe you’ve found yourself with two locksmiths.

Sound hits a few high notes with the mumble of survivors, and the swish of your sword, but unfortunately the background music isn’t much to write home about and some of the enemies seem somewhat mute at times.


There’s a few annoyances, such as not noticing you’ve lost a recruit and having to backtrack across the entire map to see which wall they’ve got stuck on, unfortunately this happens a little too often and when they’re not lagging behind they’re usually in your face and getting themselves hurt as you chop down a bush, and if i’m being picky, I’d say there’s not much variation between maps except for the separate zones, but the same old venture of killing enemies, finding tablets and heading back to the dock does start to get a bit thin on the ground

Thankfully that just about sums up the bad parts, and with 5 full zone’s there’s more than an evening of play on offer, There’s a pleasant challenge thanks to death meaning death, and while restarting will give you a boost dependent on the tablets you collected, next time it resets so you’ll want to search out as many as possible every time.

There’s a nice curve to the difficulty too, meaning warping through to later zones isn’t always the best idea, exploring the earlier levels and building up your skills and crew make for an exciting adventure you won’t mind experiencing however every time you leave the game you’ll face this decision and ultimately you’re going to get sick of retreading your steps if you don’t have the time to dedicate to completion in one sitting.


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