Maize – Review

With adventure games growing like a field full of corn, Maize stands out as one centralised around, a field of corn…


There’s been a little confusion between some slightly bonkers scientists and the government. After a brief tutorial of sorts (that does as much to hold your hand as my pet cat does). You’ll discover a maze of corn, as you give pursuit to some odd looking giant corns disappearing into the distance.

With a little exploration through the disappointingly linear environment you’ll soon come across a number of farm buildings and a handful of puzzles which will slowly push you towards the secret installation where the experiments producing walking corn took place.


Before too long, you’ll come across an annoying Russian robo-bear, who carries most of the narrative with the corn army as well as a breadcrumb trail of post-it notes between the aforementioned scientists who are a pair of misfits who hilariously share a love-hate relationship and have a tendency to do most of their communication through these post-it notes littered around the secret instalment.

With simple controls, bright surroundings and plenty of puzzles, Maize sounds like a pretty healthy diet of puzzle and adventure, however that’s sadly not quite the case.


Unfortunately many of the puzzles are more fetch and find than anything else, and when it does come to using your brain, there’s usually not that many possibilities to consider before you find the solution.

Graphically Maize has to go down as a disappointment, there’s some nice lighting effects as the sunlight reaches across the fields, but mostly textures are lacking and pre-date even the 2016 release on PC, with some over the top motion blur that certainly detracts from the overall feel of the game.


With the rough comes the smooth and while graphically it’s not going to showcase very well, audio is on a whole new level, with some fantastic voice acting partnered with a pretty witty dialogue and only a few annoying lines that usually fall to the ‘stupid idiot’ bear who’s got more than a bag on his shoulder.

The story is completely off the wall, and while relatively short in length both interest and complexity do peak in the second half of the game providing a much more pleasing finish.


Bottom Line :

Maize won’t set the world on fire, but it’s a comedic venture full of talking corn, what more could you possibly ask for… If the answer is outstanding graphics, you’ll likely be disappointed, but if you’re simply after an intriguing story with some fantastic dialogue then Maize is well worth considering.

Gameplay : 7

Graphics : 5

Sound : 8

Story : 6.5

Value : 6.5

Overall : 6.6 / 10



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