Mantis Burn Racing : Free & Paid DLC

Mantis Burn Racing was released back in October 2016 and seemed to hit the mark when it comes to a top-quality top down racer, it’s widely regarded as one of the best on the Xbox One and I personally reviewed it with a cracking 8.7/10.

Roll on six-months and VooFoo studios have just released the first DLC for the title, but it’s not just paid DLC, oooohhh no… There’s a whopping bundle of joy for those who prefer free content too.

Firstly Snowbound is the free package which inline with a title update adds four new tracks all with a wintry theme,  Crevasse, Research Base, Salvage and  Silo are littered with shortcuts and hazards and each will test your skills across the board, The icy setting also promotes drifting which will fine tune those corners even on the standard maps.

Snowbound also adds Season 2 & 3 to the Veteran class, providing an extra 34 events to work through.

Onto the Elite pack, and this paid DLC might come across as a little dissapointing as it doesn’t provide the quantity that the free package,   However it does provide a whole new style with super-speed elite floating vehicles which look every bit as futuristic as they sound and it’s only £1.99.

Joining the current roster of vehicles are the Hardy, Griffin and Manticore which are light, medium and heavy classes respectively.

These beasts will lave nearly every other vehicle standing, however they’re incredibly difficult to manoeuvre.  The Elite pack also adds a new Elite season 1, which is primarily for the new class of vehicles, there’s 12 events to work through and the likelihood of many more being added in the future.

Casual players might choose to skip the paid DLC because there’s certainly plenty of free content with the Snowbound pack, however it’s worth mentioning that while you can’t take the Manticore back to polish off the early stages, mastering these new beasts will make manoeuvres ten times easier in the slower vehicles and for many that will be worth far more than the £2 asking price.

It’s hard to review split DLC, but for arguments sake, it’s a solid package, and the Paid DLC certainly isn’t poor value, however when you take into account the free content available at the same timit’s certainly a solid release and wel worth revving those engines for (

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