Marvel vs Capcom : Infinite – Review

The Convergence is upon us and Megaman’s nemesis Sigma, and the Avengers bad guy Ultron have fused to create the hybrid super-baddy Ultron Sigma.

It’s up to you (and dozens of Marvel and Capcom characters to save the world.


Marvel vs Capcom has been around for a few decades now, and the over the top, combo laden tag-team action has been a hit time and time again, When Infinite was first announced Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate edition was unleashed and as the previous most recent entry into the franchise MVC3:UA , works to compliment but sadly also hinder Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

The fighting genre goes from strength to strength with titles like Mortal Kombat and Injustice just pipping Street Fighter, Tekken and a few others to my personal beat-em up crown, But Marvel Vs Capcom has always been a fantastic contender.

Firstly the wide range of characters, all out action of the tag-team system and a whole host of massive combo’s and special moves, but also the mixture of well know Marvel characters thrown into the mic with familiar faces from many of Capcom’s greatest titles.


Marvel vs Capcom 3 : Utimate Edition was the pinnacle of the franchise, with 50 characters in total, even running through it’s relatively short arcade mode it still took a long time before you felt you’d given each character a fair trial and then the combination possibilities where astronomical, Infinite drops down to a 2 man tag-team system and only 30 characters, which isn’t bad at all, but feels does somewhat light compared to MVC3:Ultimate Edition.

With once regular X-Men characters missing (presumably down to licensing issues) It just doesn’t feel like the same game as previous entries into the franchise.

The Story mode is light on about 3-4 hour gameplay, and the patchy plot feels more like a B-movie compared to the fantastic offerings from other major gaming franchises. So can MVC Infinite really be that bad… Well actually it’s an absolutely fantastic fighting game..


I’m guessing you’re pretty confused at the moment, how can a game be so good when I’ve outlined the poor story mode and lacking character roster.. Well it seems Capcom have put their concentration on what matters most and that’s the fighting mechanics.

Newcomers will find the game incredibly easy to pick up and play thanks to one-button combo’s, tag moves and hyper moves, I could confidently give the pad to my son and happily watch him real off numerous combos and face a well balanced difficulty system rewarding progression with practice, It’s safe to say that the fighting side of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is one of the most accessible I’ve ever come across, and yet being such a staple of the high-tier players and professional tournaments, Capcom have equally concentrated on these players who can dedicate days to learning the insides of every combo, counter and hyper for their ‘mains’.

The new Infinity stone system adds an added dimension to gameplay, such as allowing a team to revive a character or fill their hyper meter again, and silky smooth animation and fluid gameplay mean it’s a pleasure to both play and watch.


Back to the roster of 30 characters, and Infinite pleases once again, after giving each character a thorough test, I could see strengths and weaknesses for every single one, and can’t find that feel out of place for being too powerful or inadequately weak.

There may be some question marks on the actual character design, as the super-hero figure seems to have been over done on a few too many occasions, even Frank West leaps around the screen like Spiderman and the facial animations of a few characters just don’t meet the same standards set by others.

Overall though the semi realistic cartoon look works pretty well and while it’s more of a side-step than a step forward over the cell-shaded MVC3, certain scenes are worth the switch if only the high quality of characters like Hulk was fluent across the board.


The overall presentation gets top marks though, hinting at the arcade roots of the franchise with sharp visuals and crisp sounds, I can imagine Infinite being a hit with pro tournaments thanks to the fantastic balance across both characters, visuals and ye’old coin-op experience, but there’s still enough emphasis on extended play.

I wish there was a little more hand-holding to help players progress from button-bashing to the more refined high tier player that will continue to dominate online, but at least Infinite does a great job of catering for both ends of the spectrum.


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