Mortal Kombat XL Review – Xbox One

Mortal Kombat X was the 10th game int he franchise that keeps getting stronger, but does the XL version pack a punch.


Mortal Kombat X is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighting games to date, and now post-release DLC is pretty much mandatory there was little surprise to hear of two DCL packs known as ‘Kombat packs’.

The first, Kombat pack 1 brought the popular choices of Jason Vorhees and the Predator with returning characters Tremor and Tanya, all offered a range of fighting styles and the usual three stances.

Kombat pack 2 continued the  tried and tested method of adding two movie characters and two from within the franchise, this time with Leatherface and his trusty chainsaw coming in beside Alien. to round off the collection we have Bo’ Rai Cho and Triborg.


While Triborg hasn’t been a character as such, he’s a combination of Sektor, Cyrax and Smoke making full use of the 3 stances, as well as Cyber Sub-zero, a secret 4th stance activated by hitting up, p, ‘Y’ after selecting Triborg.

With various skin packs, including Cold war Scorpion, the Apocalypse and Samurai skin packs, there’s plenty of outfits for the existing 16 characters, and there’s the addition of the original pre-order DLC character Goro to bring the roster upto 25 characters.

With a mix of old characters, a few new generation characters who are relations of existing characters, and a variety of new additions there’s a wide range to choose from especially with the 9 DLC characters that cover an impressive range of styles from past games and horror classics.


For anyone that missed the details of the original release MKX, there’s a number of modes to enjoy.  Firstly the story mode is among the best available, taking you through a variety of characters, it’s a great experience and the perfect opportunity to get to grips with a wide selection of Kombatants.

There’s also Towers, taking inspiration from the original ladder arcade mode from the early Mortal Kombat titles but this time there’s a number to choose form.  You can begin with a classic 10 fight tower, or mix things up with only ‘Test your might’, ‘Test your luck’ or an endless Survival ladder.


On top of this you have time specific towers, such as ‘Weekly’ which are often inspired by the story or characters from a previous title in the franchise.

Heading online and there’s further options. You can have your usual one-on-one match, a lobby, team battles and more.  Best of all there’s the return on the Crypt for spending in game currency earned through every match you play. The Crypt offers a cemetary area with the addition of character specific pick-up’s which will grant access to further areas, there’s a massive selection of unlocks ranging from extra fatalities, brutalities, icons, concept art and costumes.

The Krypt idea adds a fun and intriguing mix on unlocking new content and with the amount available there’s more than enough to keep you occupied for months to come.


When most people think about Mortal Kombat they think of the gruesome fatalities and with a wide range of characters, each having various fatalities and combo ending brutalities there’s more than enough to keep even the sickest of minds smiling.

Many still feel quite comical, while others will make even the most macho among us wince in pain. With each character also having their own X-Ray move that will deplete about a third of their enemies health and graphically smash every bone in their body, there’s no question that Mortal Kombat retains it’s Adult only rating, especially when everything feels so sharp and detailed, it’s certainly the best looking Mortal Kombat game to date, and possibly the most aesthetically pleasing fighting game ever.


Keeping on the graphics, you’re not going to be disappointed, Characters, backgrounds and those fatalities are all incredibly detailed. Everything moves along smooth and seamless with top quality sound effects, voice and background music, there’s very little to complain about, with all of the new characters getting not only their own dialogue, but every character has received an audio tweak to direct comments at the new fighters.

There’s very little to complain about with MK XL, especially considering the shear wealth of content on offer, the addition of all the DLC released over the last year makes this a truly Definitive version in the day’s of Complete packages which occasionally feel somewhat patchy.

The only downside is the popularity of MK:X, because anyone who enjoys fighting games, does (or really should) already own MKX and so the £19.99 XL upgrade which includes all the extra content minus the base game is the only choice, with Kombat Pack 2 (£14.99) providing poor value for Kombat pack 1 owners.



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