Mr Shifty – Review

Everyone who’s seen Marvel’s Nightcrawler in action will know short-range teleportation is a pretty nifty trick.

But if you could dodge bullets, teleport through walls and provide dangerous melee take-downs, you’d obviously be thinking about breaking into the worlds most secure facility.


Tinybuild, publishers behind Party Hard, team up with Australian developers ‘Team Shifty’ to fulfil your teleportation dreams with a side-helping of similarities to the aforementioned Party Hard.

You take control of Mr Shifty, a mysterious fellow who’s somehow obtained the ability to teleport short distances, using his power you can jump through walls, cover large distances using multiple bursts and sneak straight up to an enemy through a flurry of gunfire just in time to land a swift one on their jaw.

This diverse range of stealth-action is fast paced and action packed while still making you feel like some super-hero who get’s in, get’s the job done and doesn’t leave a trace..


Initially you might walk into a room and warp up to an enemy to take him down with a punch before he can react, but soon enough you’ll find larger groups of enemies, meaning it’s risky business when a single bullet will stop Mr Shifty in his tracks.

This is where you’ll start to experiment, Approaching a main room, you could knock a door into an unsuspecting guy behind it, you’ll soon get the attention of others nearby, take to long and they’ll start to flank your position, but using your ability, you could jump back through the wall behind you take down the two guys in there, and then shift through the corridor into the main room and grab a pipe to take down the 4 guys bottle-necked as they enter the doorway.

Short sharp sections like this will impress you time and time again and with each new stage you’ll face a new challenge such as heavy hitters, shotguns, assault rifles and more. With your teleportation, none are a real challenge, but throw numerous enemies in the same room and you’l need to keep your wits about you, while always being aware of a safe place to teleport off to if things get a little too busy.


Hitting around the 3-4 hour mark, the initial ‘Story’ isn’t very long, however there’s just about enough to stop it feeling tedious, climbing the tower, stage by stage little will change with the visuals, and it’s usually just a case of getting from A to B.  You will find a few puzzling moments, and it’s a shame these mini challenges aren’t seen just a little more often, but when you do encounter them it’s a pleasant change of pace.

There’s the added challenge of trying to complete levels as quickly as possible, which isn’t always as easy as it sounds, thanks to a small delay before your teleport boosts refill, and needing to clear out all enemies before progressing to the next green lift.

Mr Shifty is a good game which just about manages to keep itself interesting through the course of the campaign, die-hard fans will stick around for the stage-select to chase the fastest times, but most won’t return after completion, meaning the lack of any other modes leave Shifty feeling a little light on options.


Graphically It’s a shame to say I was a little disappointed, Mr Shifty doesn’t look bad, but it’s all just a little too basic, and something that could have been equally as attractive on the Xbox 360.

There’s no superb special effects, or mammoth detail on your surroundings,  instead it’s all very clean and tidy, without ever being appealing.

Audio is slightly better done with music helping to set the tone and the refreshing elevator music splitting up the action between stages.

Again there’s certainly room for improvement, and with a fairly unique direction with the action-stealth gameplay, it’s a shame that Team Shifty didn’t aim just a little higher with the presentation.


Bottom Line : 

Mr Shifty is a fun and challenging game offering a unique mix of action and stealth, it could have offered more across the board, but it’s still well worth considering for fans of titles like Party Hard

Gameplay : 7.5

Graphics : 6

Sound : 7

Story : 7

Value : 6.5

Overall : 6.8 / 10

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