Paranautical Activity Review

Paranautical Activity is incredibly frantic…. in a good way. Think of a cross between Minecraft’s brick design with Dooms gameplay with an overlay of intense Hardcore music and tada…Paranautical Activity is born.


Paranautical Activity is a fast paced first person shooter, with its procedural level generation system you are forever playing a random experience of enemies and a maze full of rooms before reaching the next floor. You are tasked with exploring a maze of rooms each filled with random groups of enemies, a gift shop, boss room or the room to the next floor filled with an overpowered enemy. Enemies come in the masses and you are forever moving otherwise your demise will soon happen.

Controls are fairly straight forward with dual stick controlling movement and camera,right trigger shooting your weapon, left trigger jumping, RB will fire and grenade, Y button will switch out your weapons and X you will use to purchase items from the gift shop.


You start off with a choice of 4 characters to choose from each with their own health, weapons,armor points and fire rate. These characters include David Bowie which will wield the crossbow, the DY-NO-MITE will wield a grenade launcher and a Katana, Gorton will hold a Hoe and a puffer fish cannon and The Tank will hold a shotgun and a cannon. The movement speed can get incredibly fast faced with certain characters and items. Completing achievements will unlock in-game items and characters to use. I found the difficulty even on starting difficulty before unlocking Hardcore mode was difficult enough.

Paranautical Activities block/retro design brings back the feel of playing Doom and Quake which is a feeling ive longed for, for a long time now. weapon designs and characters amazingly well put together. The block design can be quite difficult to replicate weapons and characters but im pleasantly pleased with.  Level design is pretty basic with different very low design on walls and floor, the odd occasion you get multiple levels in a room mad up of stairs and platforms. You have got plenty of fire barrels to help with the destruction of your enemies.

The sound consists of a Hardcore music playlist playing through which is great with the fast paced action gameplay, the sound effects of explosions are pretty dull and the sound of being hit is just a ‘um’ type sound which doesn’t change even when you die, which also finishes with a skull and crossbones screen.maxresdefault

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