Party Hard : Review

Everyone likes a good party, but what if you’re on the other side of the wall and you just want to get some sleep.  Well naturally you head round to the party and murder every single person.

And that’s where we begin with Party Hard, narrated by the cop who turns up after the first house party to find his daughter was among the slaughtered, it’s a deep and dark game that will intrigue you, not just because of the WTF moments within the narration, but also aliens and a few zombies.


To begin your controls are pretty straight forward, move with the left stick, X, Y and RB give you a quick kill, or the use of a trap or item, then there’s the all important ‘A’ (dance) button, and the lesser used ‘Listen’ & ‘Sprint’ on the triggers.

Sprinting doesn’t seem to make much difference, no matter what you’re not quite fast enough to escape the cops, or catch the guy running to the phone, who’s just witnessed you murder his best friend.

These two instances set the pace of Party Hard, and initially it’ll be much more hard than party.

After the very brief tutorial, you’re faced with a house party and nearly 50 guests to kill, you can often isolate a few for quick kills, or use a trap such as a golf buggy to mow down numerous victims, but you’ll generally need a few wits about you to consistently cover your tracks by hiding bodies, or slowly diminish the numbers because once seen you’ll have a hard time avoiding the cops should they be called.

Thankfully there’s methods to make life a little easier, shortcuts give you quick access in or out of the house and while these won’t last long, it’s a quick way of escaping the police long enough for them to leave.


You can also create your own, after knocking a tree onto an unsuspecting victim, I was then able to use the window it’d crashed through to access the building and find the phone and you can place a call for some backup which will see guards come and protect you should the police arrive.

You’ll find initially the police will arrive a lot.  After being arrested for the 4th or 5th time, you’ll start to adjust to the pace of the game making sure you utilise every trap you can find, even if it means snagging a copper in the bear-trap that’s conveniently located near-by.

When you finally work your way through the first mission, the character moves on with a motorcycle gang leaving a hefty crime scene for our narrating officer to arrive to, Soon enough there’s another party. this time it’s the biker gang, and with a new house, layout, traps and shortcuts, the aim is once again the same, kill everyone.

There’s an unhealthy addiction about trying to kill everyone, quickly but discreetly. you will fail, and you will try again.


Party Hard reminds me of Friday the 13th on the Commodore 64, The graphics are equally as atrocious, and the character models are often indistinguishable to your surroundings, but there’s something satisfying about proceedings and surely it can’t just be murdering everyone in sight.

With the up-beat sound track, that stands out without being distracting, and some cheesy but still above what you’s expect voice-acting, it’s great to say the sound does a better job than the graphics, though there’s an impressive amount of bodies on screen and locations to work through, from a basic house, to vegas, a forest, pool or campus party, every cliche box is checked.

While the aim is always the same, there’s plenty of variety on how to carry out your deadly deed, and even a number of alternate characters to unlock.




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