Q*bert Rebooted Review – Xbox One

One month before I was born back in 1982, Qbert was unleashed on the Arcades and pretty much instantly became a video gaming icon. Just how long he would remain one, at that time we had no idea – especially me… being one month old. I didn’t know shit!

My own first experience of playing Qbert came on the original Nintendo in 1989, aged 7, and having had my dirty little gaming hands on Q*bert Rebooted for over a week now I can honestly say it has made me feel like a kid again! If you’re a gamer of age like me, this is one major nostalgia trip and I don’t mean the modern take on the game – oh no – get this guys. Q*bert Rebooted includes the original classic game as well, in full! That alone makes this game worth buying, but it’s not all about retro appeal here.

The modern take on the game is a great re-imagination of the original. One thing I was surprised to see was that blocks have now been replaced by hexagons, which somehow feels totally right, and this has opened up the number of level designs which the game can and does contain.

Q*bert Rebooted looks great, and the graphics are more than adequate for what essentially is a simple puzzle game with a few extras thrown on top. The level designs are vibrant and feel lively, as do the obstacles and enemies you encounter throughout the game such as Coily the pink snake, Homer the cat and Mr Uppercut among others! Numorous minor touches all combine to create a highly engaging puzzler that you could easily spend hours and hours playing, if only to try and outdo the scores of your friends.

In terms of Audio, the two versions of the game included couldn’t be more different. The original classic has zero background music, whereas the new Q*bert boasts loud, slightly electro-sounding pulsating tunes throughout each level. It definitely makes the game more enjoyable, as without that music I imagine the game would get tired pretty quickly. Smart move!

14 Q*berts to collect?!

Also new in Q*bert Rebooted is the introduction of new characters – all of which are playable, once you’ve unlocked them. There are 14 in total each with their own gems price tag. You collect gems during the game levels simply by jumping onto the hexagons where they appear, and also in bonus levels which come at the end of each completed three-round level set. My favourite is Zom*bert, who is a green dude with an axe embedded in his head, and he’s one of the cheapest – absolute bargain!

Speaking of absolute bargains, that is exactly what Q*bert Rebooted will prove to be if you decide to pick it up after it’s release on February 12th. Mark the date people, and get it! Awesome puzzler, ideal for those who experienced the original, casual gamers and even kids too.

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