Reagan Gorbachev Review – Xbox One

After a meeting of world leaders is targeted by Militant extremists Reagan and Gorbachev are taken hostage and must work together to escape a secret Prison and save humanity from nuclear disaster..


with the old fashioned  top-down 2D view, you need to progress through a series of maps by unlocking doors often using co-op, and taking down a number of enemies ranging from basic guys without a weapon to armed guards.

You begin with your default weapons, a Katana for Reagan and a 3-dart blow gun for Gorbachev. This means you’ve always got a strong melee weapon and a weak ranged weapon, though you can pick up other weapons ranging from pistol, uzi, shotgun or even a bazooka, each have limited ammo, whereas Gorbachev’s blow-gun dart’s can be picked up.

To bypass doors, you will most regularly be using one character to hit a pressure pad before the door, while the second character passes through to keep the door open using a pressure pad on the reverse side.


Controls are fairly simple and you soon get to grips with using the bumper buttons to control your  comrade, right switches to the other character, while left calls your friend over to your position, the guy you’re not in control of will automatically attack nearby enemies, so catching their attention then running to hide behind the A.I will often work with smaller numbers.

Using a bazooka though will blow a hole in the wall creating a shortcut, however this will often call a few too many guards, so you’ll be forced to get an advantageous position or another weapon to start mowing them down.

Most missions range from 2-4 minutes, and some you can fly through with little more than 10 seconds on the clock, whereas others will see you retrying over and over again as you work out the best tactics for progressing.


There’s no mid-mission checkpoints and if you die, it’s back to the start of the mission so you’ll be forced to take your time and work out the most effective way to progress.

There’s a certain charm about proceeding, as the two unlikely protagonists don’t carry much personality but the gameplay certainly does.

It’s a real nod to games in the late 80’s, early 90’s  and there’s some true nostalgic feelings when your struggling to pass what seems so simple, and then suddenly you breeze through it.


It’s tough judging a game on Graphics and sound when they’re so basic and team2bit are clearly trying to stick with the retro arcade nostalgia, and while they’re no comparison to most games you’ll find on the Xbox one, they are true to form and fit the target era perfectly.

Value wise, there’s a little replay value with leaderboards for times, the option to co-op with a local friend, and a few hidden rooms to discover and a fun little trivia quiz between levels, as well as various achievements ranging from the ten 100g rewards, to the various ‘gift’ achievements which unlock art rather than gamerscore.


Bottom Line:

Reagan Gorbachev, is a peculiar game in the way it’s not trying to be anything other than a retro stealth-arcade title, There’s a certain charm to the gameplay, and while it’s not going to last you much more than a few days, there’s still a worthy nostalgic hit inside

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