Resident Evil 6 – Review

Resident Evil is a long standing franchise that’s been the backbone of the survival horror franchise and with recent next-gen remakes of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0, It’s time to jump a decade or two and bring back the 2012 release of Resident Evil 6 from 360 / PS3.


10 years after the initial Racoon city incident and the world is in turmoil as the C-Virus continues to spread, stepping away from the setting of RE5, Zombies are back in force.

The intro throws you into Leon’s shoes, and with all the quick time events you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re playing the wrong game, but soon enough you’re back in the mix with dozens of zombies baring down on you, and the mandatory limited ammo Resident Evil is known for.

After this brief encounter you head to the menu where you get to choose from the original 3 campaigns of Leon, Chris and series newcomer Jake. as well as the extra campaign of the over-sexualised crossbow wielding Ada (which was originally locked until the other 3 campaigns where complete)


Having the 4 different campaigns are both the strength and weakness of RE6, You’ve got Jake that plays more like RE3, Leon’s campaign feels very much like RE4 and Chris’s ventures stick to the much more action orientated RE5, with Ada feeling somewhat fresh, but still very much Resident Evil.

And yet, the downside is the identity crisis. For a while it’s felt like the Resident Evil franchise has been veering towards action rather than it’s survival horror roots, and most of these changes came with RE3 feeling closest to the original two classics, RE4 taking on a more action orientated over the shoulder view while maintaining it’s survival core, and then Resident Evil 5 was more action and even less survival.

Showcasing these changes across the initial 3 campaigns just highlights all that’s wrong with recent Resident Evil titles, and while fans of 4 & 5 are sure to be pleased with the variety between each campaign, those who want to see Resident Evil go right back to it’s roots might be better placed with the RE: Revelations.


There’s a variety of online modes beside the impressive co-operative play, such as jumping into another players game as a zombie, playing an Evolve style humans vs creature, or vice-versa, or trying to take down as many enemies as possible in the alloted time limit, with these extra modes it means that thankfully the overall package is promising and while the sketchy voice acting that’s become a staple of the series is still firmly in tact, the graphical overhaul is impressive with the game feeling much more like an Xbox One title rather than a port of a last generation game, the background music works wonders t help set the atmosphere but it all sounds much more last generation than it looks.

Lighting has been revamped and the high definition textures fit in place perfectly eradicating the old superimposed feeling of the original games.

Gameplay flows into full motion video, not quite as seamless as today’s releases, but still impressively so.  My only graphical annoyance is with the user interface, firstly the good, each character and campaign has the added detail of differences between the UI, and menu’s, however head into settings and you’ll have a flurry of like-designed icon’s which feel tough to navigate and are sure to leave you crying out for the standard plain text menu’s 95% of games stick with.

And with the Co-op mode working incredibly well both in split-screen and via Xbox Live there’s more than enough options if your wanting to have a friend join you in the battle against the hordes of zombies.


It’s tough to be too critical of Resident Evil 6, the return of zombies is certainly a welcome move, and still incorporating aspects from previous games wont please everyone but as a complete package it gives a nice range of gameplay.

Most people are hoping that future Resident Evil titles find a target and sticks with it, rather than trying to please everyone who’s ever looked at a previous game, and with RE: Revelations heading back to the core of the franchise maybe the main titled games will stick with a more action orientated theme.

Either way, if your on the fence, and can’t quite decide why you like the franchise, maybe RE6 will answer a few questions, With the 4 campaigns in total there’s enough to keep you going for



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