Soda Drinker Pro – Review

Soda Drinker Pro is a terrible game…. Seriously, you’ll pull your left trigger to raise your cup of soda, right trigger to take a drink and when you’ve finished the cup, you move onto the next stage.


You can walk around, pick up bonus soda’s that have no effect on gameplay whatsoever.  You can walk upto the edge of the badly hand-drawn walls, or even dance along to the awful soundtrack, and if you have enough patience you can torture yourself with 102 levels to be greeted by a simple and equally disappointing congratulatory message before being thrown back to the main menu.

Upon the main menu there’s a customisation option, to choose the colour, carbonation and such like of your soda, but none of these settings had a clear effect on the gameplay, so you head back into the terrible surroundings to drink one more soda.

Maybe two…. Constantly at the back of your mind, you’ll be asking yourself, what’s the point, why, what happens if I walk into the cat, what happens if I step off the giant carrot, and the answer time and time again, is nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.


Except for a house in a very early level, walk into this house, and you’re taken to a completely different game. Vivian Clark.

With graphics and sound equally as awful as the ‘main’ game, Vivian Clark is thankfully something more of a journey.

Controlling a drop of water, you have to avoid obstacles and then before you know it, your a butterfly, or a rocket in space. There’s a wide range of minigames, which reward your drop of water with images in a central gallery level you’ll constantly return to, Fill the gallery and you’ll beat Vivian Clark, but unfortunately this requires just as much patience as drinking 102 soda’s.

Unfortunately even the extra Vivian Clark game, doesn’t save Soda Drinker Pro, most of the time you’re wandering what you need to do, and by the time you work it out, you never see that section again, yet controls, randomness and the infuriating graphics, collision detection and lack of instruction makes each and every section more of a chore than fun.



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