Terraria Review

Genre : Survival/crafting – by 505 games
Available : Out now
Price : £15.19
Size: 476.27 MB
If you ask people what Indie game outsold Portal 2 & The Witcher 2 just weeks after their release, many wouldn’t be sure, proceed to tell them it’s a game about crafting and survival and the first guess would probably be Minecraft.
But for the last 3 years, there’s been more than one survival crafting title, and while it’s never quite reached the heights of Mojangs masterpiece, Terraria sold 200,000 copies in it’s first week of release back in May 2011, and has gone on to pass multiple millions and appear on multiple systems from mobile and hand-held to both current and next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony.
With impressive scores form critics, and often generally seen as a better alternative to Minecraft by many, Terraria does things similar but still quite differently.
As you’ll see from the shots, it’s a 2D world, and won’t be winning any awards for the best looking game, It’s a nod to the retro years of 8-bit gaming, and happily acknowledges that a game doesn’t have to look great to be amazing.
There’s a brief tutorial mode, that welcomes you to the controls, and basic crafting, It’s vague to say the least, but well worth running through, because when you start your own world, you’ll need that bit of help.
It’s daylight, you’ve just created your little explorer, and given him/her a funky hair do, there’s a small rabbit hopping around, and you find yourself with some basic instruments, a flimsy sword that has the attack power of those foam padded swords you find in a gift shop, as well as some basic crafting tools such as an Axe, and Pick-axe.


By this point, you really should be chopping down some trees, and using the gathered wood to place walls, a roof, and a door to your new home, while you’r working away you’ll no doubt find a blob bouncing towards you, which is a good time to try out the sword, using the goo, with wood can make a torch, and before you know it, the sun will be setting and you’ll be rushing to seal your home, and get some lighting.
Over the first night, it’s worth having a closer look at crafting, making a workbench, and while you’r at it, put a chair down so that weird guy who’s been wandering around can call your house his home.
This primitive single room shack, will keep you safe, and let you have a look at various items you can build, and maybe even long enough to fire up Smartglass which is used as a companion map to see the world around you, and plan your first mine.


Soon enough, daylight will return and hopefully you wont have to replace any doors that have been smashed down by zombies through the night.
At this point, you’ve been on your world a whole day, and while Terraria leads you to believe your getting there, in actual fact you haven’t even started to scratch away at the surface.
Like Minecraft, you can dig, or “Mine” and as you’d expect, the deeper you delve, the rarer materials you find.
building a furnace to smelt ore into crafting materials is a good place to start, and before you know it you’ll have stronger equipment, But what about that falling star you saw fall close by in the night, can you really eat those mushrooms, and If there’s over 1000 new items over the Xbox 360 version, and a total of more than 1300 crafting recipes what else can you create.


And that’s when you realize that Terraria has you, you probably still don’t know how to pronounce the name of the game properly, but it’s clear that there’s a lot to discover.
And when you take a step to the side, and look at the survival aspect of the game, it’s far more than a few blobs of goo, or zombies to worry about, those flying eyeballs don’t look too friendly and while returning players might be aware of 50 or so enemies, there’s now close to 150 to worry about.
Well thankfully, you’re just about covered, with co-operative play for up to 8 players online (4 local), this means that you can often get some fancy building projects underway, or tackle some of the 15 bosses (4 new to next-gen).
Obviously there’s no guarantee all 8 players will be friends, there could be others trying to sabotage your survival, but you can choose to play invite-only if you want to avoid any interference.
With the release on Xbox One, there’s thankfully plenty of reason to return if you’ve played before, with a bigger world, 3 times as many enemies and 4 more bosses, a thousand new items, and hundreds upon hundreds more crafting recipes, there’s no question on the upgrade.


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