The Final Station – Review

The world is over, but there’s a few survivors still remaining… With thousands of tons of locomotive at your disposal you’re a train operator with a mission… to reach the Final Station.

The final station is a post-apocalyptic adventure about one mans quest to outlive thousands and reach the unknown destination of the final station.

There’s a gigantic train and after donning your train conductors uniform, it’s time to jump on board and move from station to station on your journey to the end, Sadly blockers have been put in place, and a key code is required to open them up so that you can progress.  Search the station and surrounding area and you’ll find a note containing the 4 digit code and away you go.

Initially you’ll journey alone, but throughout your travels you’ll come across survivors who you can welcome onto your train as they embark on their own journey, some will stick around for a station two, while others will stick around too long. But there’s always the choice of refusing to feed, or heal them so that you can let them die before looting their rotting corpse for worthwhile supplies.


As you progress, you’ll come across a wide range of tasks and simple A to B errands in order to progress, initially nothing seems a major challenge but soon enough you’ll find out far more about the world around you and the horde of infected trying to stop you whenever you disembark the train but thankfully you’ll have the occasional weapon to dispatch them.

There’s plenty of pick-up’s to collect as you explore so it’s always worth while paying close attention to your surroundings in order to make the most of any available goods.  These can then be crafted into supplies, in order to keep any on board survivors healthy as well as maintaining the train to keep it in good running order.

Excess supplies and loot can be sold off at inhabited stations, so you can raise the funds to buy more essentials as you continue on.


Graphically The Final Station uses a very retro approach, with sharp pixelated characters and basic, but details surroundings, Item’s will highlight when you are next to them, but there’s no Resident evil glow giving away their location from a mile away which means you’ll have to explore and pay close attention to what’s around you.

As you progress through a room, you’ll see any doors or hatches you can use, and then simply hitting A will open the exit and move you into the next room which won’t light up until you enter. This room to room method does a great job of maintaining suspense and forcing you to look around and explore the world around you.  While sometimes it can feel a bit of a trek with the required note (and code) usually at the end of the specified area, there’s plenty of chance to pick up plenty of items and survivors on your travels.


You’ll often hear a sob story about a stranded survivor and there’s a real feeling of caring for these guys, until they start to eat all your food, others will remain quiet and grateful causing little hassle while providing you with perks to help your progress whereas others might only stay a station or two meaning you hardly even notice they’re there.

This man management of your survivors is usually very simple, you can see their needs, food, med-kit or just a good chat, and then you can choose whether or not to keep them alive.  Allow them to die and you can then loot their body which might contain some useful items.

It’s never quite clear which survivors are going to help and which will prove a hindrance, however it’s always worth chatting to a few to see which ones you actually care about. My first death came and went because I honestly couldn’t care less about him, But then I had a young lady who I chose to transport and while the benefit was minimal the heartfelt plea for help was tugging on my heart strings and I made sure she reached her destination safely.


While the Final Station looks and sounds like a very simple game, there’s quite a deep and engrossing world to discover, and action elements are available if you can find a gun and the incredibly scarce ammo, however I much preferred the slower pace and choosing which survivors to enlist.

Caring for others took centre stage, even to my own quest to find the final station, and this approach ment I maybe explored more than actually advancing as I was always trying to make sure I had the materials required to progress.

With quite a variety of ways to approach the game, there’s a few areas where you’re forced into finding out about a specific character or part of the story, but overall it felt very much like my own choice and decisions rather than a script which was simply playing out word by word.

The Final Station GIF

With a wealth of survivors, their own little stories and a near endless amount of stations to work through you’ll find yourself hooked for many hours. I’m sure some will find the simple approach too superficial without exploring the world and characters around them, I know I was occasionally guilty of just ‘ getting past’ a station rather than spending the time to see what it offered to try and avoid the inevitable feeling of repetition as you venture from one station to the next, and sometimes this is enforced by the infected but generally it all felt like a very well paced adventure I’m sure I’ll continue to enjoy.

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