The Park – Review

The Park follows the story of Lorraine, While visiting Atlantic island park, Lorraine is on the search for her son’s teddy, only to find that now her child is missing to as you enter the park and try to discover the truth behind your missing child and your own mind.


When you start off, everything feels very survival-horror esque, lights flicker, eerie music fills the background and there’s a deep mysterious atmosphere around the park.

As you begin your search, you make your way around to the first attraction which is a swan ride, this interactive ride covers the story of Hansel and Gretel and while you can’t do much other than watch and listen, it does a great job of setting the pace of the game.

Knocks, bumps and dynamic music are more than enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, and by this point I was already pretty engrossed.


Working through the 90 minute to two hour story, there’s plenty of strange goings on, and enough atmosphere to fill a stadium. The PArk is much less of a horror and much more psychological, however there’s be a few points that will make you jump, simple double takes, noises and that damn chipmunk will be enough to give you a shock, but the best of these scripted-scares come in the penultimate section, when you examine a body…..

I’m not a jumpy person, very little in Outlast genuinely made me jump, but this particular section made me jump out of my skin, and kept my eyes firmly on the screen for the remainder of the game.


Sadly these scares are few and far between, but there’s plenty to play with your mind as you get into the head of Lorraine, and her relationship with the 3 men in her life.

The real strong point of the park has to be the story, and while it’s a short intense affair, unlikely to hit the two hour mark for most people, there’s more than enough reason to jump back in and take the extra time to search out clues to examine which give you further backstory.


Graphically, it’s really a mixed bag, there’s some terrible pop-in due to a pretty lousy draw-distance, and texture quality won’t be a highlight, however the graphical effects, the shudders, and the play on visuals make the game what it is.

Audio is considerably better, with good voice acting, and plenty of knocks, bumps and musical peaks to keep you transfixed in the world of the park, whispers through the speakers, the grinding whir of the ferris wheel, the clatter of the rollercoaster. It’s safe to say that the audio is the heart of the park.


This leaves the story, a mothers battle with her child, family, life and depression starts off on track and then flies off the rails like a broken rollercoaster. There’s some mind boggling moments as Lorraine starts to distinguish her own thoughts, and by the time the end credits roll, you’ll probably be open jawed trying to work out exactly what’s just happened. Even now, after playing through twice, I’m not 100% sure what I’ve witnessed, but I know for sure It was an exciting experience.


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