Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure – Review

With the postal service here in the UK mostly dominated by the ever disappointing Royal Mail, surely everyone’s going to be interested about a game based on delivering packages and becoming the ultimate postal service. We’re not talking about Amazon’s reliance on third party couriers, DHL, Hermes or DPD, This is Newbie’s time to shine.


Newbie is a box, a new guy complete with that new box smell, and after a brief introduction to the world and control scheme, you’ll be bouncing all over the place in your quest to run errands, deliver packages for GPS (Global Postal Service) and hopefully stop the rogue boxes known as Wild-Cards from disrupting the greatest service around.

Initially you’ll notice rolling a box around isn’t the easiest thing to do, but Newbie has a pretty hefty jump on him, with the added bonus of being able to unbox (which is more of a double jump manoeuvre) this will help you reach hard to access areas and perform longer jumps to leap over to islands you’d otherwise be unable to get to.  There’s also a ground-pond move which does a great job of clearing away those pesky wild-cards, but also helps when trying to position your landing on smaller areas.


There’s plenty going on around you from small side quests, and fellow boxed to rescue with plenty of customisation options for personalising your very own version of Newbie.

Some of these custom options are a joy to see bouncing around the screen while others feel a little cheap, but sure enough you’ll find something suitable to keep your brand new box looking fresh.   It’s all a little bizarre how well kept the boxes look once they’ve been tumbling around the world for a few minutes, especially when my deliveries always look battered even though the couriers always insist they’ve not been dropped once.

Unbox, has a pretty graphical stance, with lots of bright colours and plenty going off around the screen at once, details further afield are clear enough to help you navigate around, and while there’s vehicles to jump in too, most of the detail is concentrated on and around the boxes, with much of the extra’s receiving an equally intentional box’ey look.

This does occasionally feel like there’s a lack of detail in some important places and it’s maybe not as sharp as I’ve come to expect from modern day console releases, but everything keeps running smoothly and apart from a few collision detection issues, there’s no major glitches to speak of.


As stated earlier on, it’s not easy tumbling around, try throwing any cube and try to predict exactly where it’ll land and you’ll soon understand the difficulty in navigating tight catwalks and precise jumps at speed.

This does give Unbox a little bit of a random feel, but traversing the world at speed is instantly more fun because of it, There’s plenty of characters to speak to, and with 3 defined areas you’ll find there’s more than enough world to go exploring. This mix of exploration, quests and just bouncing around for fun is the heart of Unbox and where you’ll find there’s plenty of fun to be had, It’s always fun to unlock a few more customisation options and thanks to some great writing (and some equally cheesy dialogue) there’s no negatives from jumping around and seeing who else you can speak to.

Audio hums along with some chirpy background music and enough ambience to make the world feel alive and active, although some of the voices can feel a little too scripted, there’s mostly some very good work across the board.


Newbie’s Adventure fails to really shine, with little new added to the age-old ‘3D Platformer’ genre. For some people that’s a deal breaker, but when a game is so much fun to bounce around, It’s tough being too critical.

There’s more than enough content to keep you busy long beyond what we expect from a game costing only £14.99,

This makes Unbox : Newbie’s Adventure great value for money. many people look at lesser known games on value alone, and it’s safe to say, this is fantastic value and amazing fun, even if you have seen much of it before.


Bottom Line :

Unbox isn’t about treading new ground, it’s rolling through the fields we know, as a box. and trust me, that’s far more fun than it sounds.

Gameplay : 8.5

Graphics : 7

Sound : 7.5

Story : 7.5

Value : 8

Overall : 7.7 / 10

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