V-Rally 4 Review

After 15 years since the last V-Rally title was released on Xbox, the legendary off-road racing game series V-Rally makes its long-awaited return and I’ve been fortunate enough to get put right into the driver’s seat early to take a look at the game. The V-Rally series was the most iconic and recognisable series since smashing into the scene in 1997 during the 32-bit era.

V-Rally 4 takes you on an extreme journey across every continent as you learn to become an expert one of the most demanding simulations I have played in quite some time. V-Rally 4 does an excellent job of immersing you in the game’s world, by testing your skills with difficult and often extreme routes that have varying conditions that make these routes even harder to master. Once you get a hang of controlling the wheel of the vast array of modern and historic vehicles, you’ll find yourself becoming more efficient in regards to just how you handle each and every obstacle that’s stacked against you throughout your journey to becoming the best.

V-Rally is definitely a title that falls into the category of easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. At first, I found some of the courses overwhelming in regards to just how tight some of the routes were and just how quickly you were required to act in order to avoid crashing into the terrain, crowds or in general your surroundings. As I put more time into the game and really focused on learning how to handle my vehicle more efficiently, I found myself being able to pull off riskier manoeuvres that I’d of avoided at first, drifting around tight bends trying to be as precise as I could possibly be and pulling it off was an incredibly satisfying feeling and ultimately made completing some of the routes even more rewarding. Once I found myself pulling off drifts easier, without any loss in precision and speed as I was aiming for the finish line I found myself pushing to try and tackle the more challenging routes. This was when I really felt that the game was pushing me and giving me the ultimate challenge.

V-Rally 4 is a gorgeous game that is incredibly detailed, only helping to immerse you in its world, the environments and vehicles are stunning. In regards to audio, the game focuses on the noises of the car on the track and other noises from your surroundings as opposed to utilising any music tracks during races. Obviously, this makes sense in a game like this where you are often relying on your driving partner to help you navigate the track ahead.

I felt that the game controlled really well and I never ran into any issues when playing it, yes somethings some of the obstacles were quite unforgiving, but I always felt that if I crashed into something or spun out of control that it was my fault for underestimating the track or by just rushing into a tight corner without thinking about what’s ahead, sometimes completely ignoring the driving partners instructions. Which is obviously a ticket to failure, but in time I got into the habit of paying more attention to every little detail around me. V-Rally 4 is definitely a challenging game and it’s a solid entry into the franchise. I’m normally more of a fan of the over the top, eccentric racing games, but V-rally 4 definitely took me by surprise.

Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8
Sound - 7
Story - 7
Value - 7


I feel that fans of rally games and fans of the earlier games in the series are going to love this instalment. 2018 has seen quite a few excellent racing games come out and V-Rally 4 is without a doubt one of them. Kylotonn have some solid experience under their belt with racing games and it definitely shows in V-Rally 4. I'd highly recommend racing game fans and of course, rally game fans to pick this game up as it is not one to be missed.

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