10 ID@Xbox Games Worth Buying for Xbox One

The ID@XBox program is a wonderful thing. A wonderful thing that is so under-appreciated by so many Xbox One gamers who ignorantly flick past any game in the Xbox Store that they haven’t seen or heard of before, instantly assuming that if they haven’t heard of the game, it must be a pile of crap.

In many cases that’s true! Take the currently free Hand of Fate for example – that game right there is an abortion. But tucked away in the Store lie some hidden gems that are genuinely worth picking up despite their lower development budgets, and smaller development teams than the so-called Triple A titles are lucky enough to have behind them.

Here is my own personal Top 10 run-down of ID@XBox titles that you can’t go wrong with for your Xbox One collection. Counting down with value for money in mind – let the games begin – no spoilers!

10 – Plague Inc Evolved


£11.99 – You’re a virus – or should I say you are tasked with creating one, and not just any virus, but one that will completely wipeout mankind. Choose from a variety of types to begin with, name your virus after your little sister and let chaos commence. The faster your virus spreads the better and the more perks you can unlock, which allow you to choose from various mutations and defences to hone your virus to spread faster than Katie Price, and be as incurable as our Streamer Liam’s ginger hair.

9 – Draw A Stickman Epic


£6.39 – An intriguing, completely unique title! You design your very own character using incredibly tricky to control crayons, making for some pretty messed up people. It’s not so much a point and click adventure, but a draw and click, as you scribble fires to burn stuff down and lightning bolts to shock things that stand in your way. Completely different to anything you have ever played before.

8 – Lifeless Planet


£15.99 – The title is deceiving, the planet isn’t entirely lifeless. Shit I said no spoilers didn’t I? Anyway you’re an astronaut exploring a new and supposedly lifeless planet to see whether or not it could sustain life. But then you start discovering dead russians, what the fuck right? It’s an adventure slash puzzler slash drama slash thriller, sort of. During the quiet times, of which there are quite a few, the game still retains your attention with the stunning settings you find yourself in.

7 – Outlast


£15.99 – If you go to a place called Mount Massive Asylum, you should be expecting shit to go down, and it does. You play a journalist, Miles Upshur, breaking into this top secret, recently reopened former abandoned home for the mentally ill – because that’s just what you would do isn’t it. You deserve everything you get. Jump scares throughout, BOO!

6 – Blue Estate


£10.39 – Blue Estate can be compared to the likes of Time Crisis, only because it’s an on-the-rails shooter taking you from scene to scene and throwing countless enemies in your face. Only with this, there’s a crazy funny storyline surrounding you from start to finish. Great design, awesome characters, insanely funny and ridiculously addictive.

5 – The Escapists


£14.99 – Your sole purpose in The Escapists is to break out of prison. In between meals, rollcalls and doing your chores you need to spend your time planning your escape. Find materials, craft new ones, observe guard locations and routines, and find that elusive breakout point! Not the easiest of titles to be honest, but if you enjoy a good challenge that will last you quite a while The Escapists could well be it.

4 – Quiplash


£7.99 – This one is for the Streamers! Quiplash is a mental quiz, and the answers to the questions come from your viewers who connect to your game by entering an on-screen code into the website when you’re live playing. Each player and connected audience member gets to contribute answers and favourite answer votes throughout the game and earn points for being in the majority. Winner takes all! Incredibly funny when played with an immature audience.

3 – Guns, Gore & Cannoli


£7.99 – You’re in 1920’s Thugtown, playing as Vinnie Cannoli and his mob family. Beneath the city is a zombie outbreak, and it’s upto you to unravel a government conspiracy, while searching for a lost friend. Non stop shooting, awesome graphical styling and some humour scattered about throughout the game too. All good things.

2 – Rock N Racing Offroad DX


£6.39 – This won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you are like me and remember playing Super Offroad in the Arcades when you were a youngster, this is most definitely for you! It smacks of that retro title and is an incredibly fun little racer. Work your way through a number of Championships against some often infuriating competitors. Easy to get to grips with, although over-steer will occur a hell of a lot, but there’s enough smash and grab opportunities in each race for you to be able to make up lost ground.

1 – Slender: The Arrival


£7.99 – Holy shit, I see him on the hill! It’s Slenderman! If you don’t know the ‘legend’, Slender is a creepy “man” with extended limbs – a shitload of them – who targets children, lures them into forests or quiet places and abducts them. Nice guy huh? Like Outlast this contains jump scares throughout, but unlike Outlast, Slender barely lets up at all from start to finish. Everything about the game feels eerie, and has you feeling uneasy and second guessing everything you do. When you’re not physically pooping, you’re mentally pooping. However, the storyline just grabs you buy the nuts and you can’t help but want to finish it – an absolute bargain buy.

To Buy all 10?

To become the proud owner of all 10 of these awesome ID@Xbox games, it will set you back the not too shabby wedge of £106.10 – or if you’re one of the clever ones who make use of CD Keys, there you can (currently) buy £110 Xbox Credit for just £98.31 when using the 5% discount code from their Facebook Page, and you’ll bag all of the above and have £3.90 left over sitting in your Xbox account.

So you could basically get all 10 games at a cost of just £94.41. Wowzer!

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