10 Second Ninja X – Preview

Games like Super Meat Boy and N+ had a very special place on the Xbox 360, but since the Xbox One came to town we haven’t quite seen anything of the same quality.  However on the 19th July,  that could all be about to change with 10 Second Ninja X just around the corner.


Having played through the game, there was one thing immediately evident from the first handful of levels, and that’s not to be fooled by the slightly cute graphics and humorous tone to conversations.  You control the small blue ninja who has gone to the giant floating pirate ship in a quest to take down Great-Beard who has a striking resemblance to Dr Robotnik.

There’s initially 10 levels on offer, and for each you have 10 seconds to destroy all of the robots, initially you’ll want to have a look around, and work out the plan of action, then after a few attempts you should be able to scrape through. With the ability to fire up to 3 shurikens, hit close range with a sword and jump or double-jump across the stage, there’s always a way to take them all out quickly.

Mixing the various attacks and which robots you aim for first will have a massive bearing on your success, you’ll often need to save shuriken throws for robot’s within an electronic field that prevents melee attacks, or maybe they’re next to a switch which will raise a platform to either jump to, or throw a shuriken under to tackle the last few robots.


Sure enough it’s easy enough to work out, but in order to get 2 or the full 3 stars you’ll have to do this in considerably less than the 10 seconds on offer.  When you finish the first set of ten levels, you’ll probably need to replay a few in order to rack up the 20 stars required for the second section, and then each section of 10 levels unlocks every 20 stars.

The first 6 areas are all new levels, and prove a real test, not only on your puzzle solving abilities, but also how quickly and accurately you can get through them, fortunately as you get used to the flow of the game, I found later levels a little easier, and was even able to hit world number 1 on one level. This got me through to the legacy levels which are 40 more challenges taken from the original 10 Second Ninja which while very similar, was also strongly controversial due to the Robot Hitler and Nazi-Swastika decorations and never found a release on Xbox.

Thankfully this time 10 Second Ninja X has made it’s way to Xbox with it’s fast, challenging and fun levels, filled with sharp, bright and colourful aesthetics mixed with a healthy dose of humor and just enough story and conversation to keep you playing.


There’s also a extra Cups & ball mini-game to earn hint coins, as well as a second hidden game when you’ve collected all of the CD pieces, but I’m still searching for the last two, so I can’t comment on that. But between the sections of levels there’s some interaction with Great-Beard and a few of his workers, these make for some funny reading and keeps the mood light amidst the often frustrating time-sensitive challenges which highlight the glory of trail & error gaming.

If I was to be reviewing the game, in it’s current state it would already be highly recommended, however as this is a preview, I can only say, keep a close eye out for 10 Second Ninja X, because it’s certainly looking very promising.

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