5 Dream Remakes for Xbox One

At the time of writing this article, more than 500 games have been released or announced for the Xbox One. Many have been or will be big-budget releases that the vast majority of us already know and love, or are looking forward to getting our hands on – while far more are lesser known arcade style and indie developer titles.

Each and every one of us have our own personal favourites. However for the vast majority there are ten titles that stand head and shoulders above the rest. For me those ten would be, in no particular order; Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4, The Witcher III, Halo 5 Guardians, Battlefield 4, Forza 6, Rainbow Six Siege, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Black Ops III and Dying Light. For some of you I may be wrong, but for most of you, I’m spot on whether or not you like to admit it!

It’s the relatively small group of what I personally would consider to be top-notch releases that has made turning back the clock of late to spend some time on far more retro feeling (and looking) games all the more enjoyable. In particular I’ve loved getting stuck into Blast Em Bunnies (out soon), MagNets Fully Charged (out soon), Gunscape and Bike Mayhem 2. You could bag all four of them for the price of just one of the titles mentioned above, and between them you’d bag more hours of gaming.

Let me get to the point though. While I was enjoying myself last night, shooting down wave after wave of evil bunny rabbits in Blast Em Bunnies, it got me thinking, “The Xbox One needs more old games,” and below you’ll see the results of that one-man, 1.30am, brainstorming session. Five games from days gone by and from a variety of deceased gaming platforms that I truly believe every Xbox One owner, including you, would love to see remade for the Xbone.

Let the games begin!


Destruction Derby

Destruction Derby was first released in 1995 for the Playstation, with Destruction Derby 2 following a year later. At the time the graphics were considered to be amazing, outshone only by the pick-up-and-play gameplay and the simplicity of the whole game. You chose a car, you drove around crashing it into other cars, and the last car intact wins! It sounds like a game that should be an absolute pile of crap, but it was anything but.

Imagine: 32 player controlled cars parked around the perimeter of a large bowl-arena, all facing the center revving their engines and waiting for the green light. Nothing but absolutely mayhem and hilarity, guaranteed! This needs to happen one day! For the time being though, at least Carmageddon: Max Damage has been confirmed!



Enter Gordon Freeman. Half-Life was such an iconic game that even today, I didn’t need to Google his name! His job on the other hand is another matter – a scientist of some description. Very early in the game an experiment goes wrong and opens up a rift between his homeland Black Mesa and another world called Xen. Needless to say, shit went down and it was all up to Gordon to put things right again.

Imagine: The graphics when Half-Life was released were considered flawless, as was the games’ plot and storyline, hence the critical acclaim it received which is still upstanding today. For me, bringing Half-Life to the Xbox One would have to be trusted to the lovely people at Bethesda. Oh the possibilities!


The Secret of Monkey Island

Ah yes. The good old fashioned point-and-click puzzle adventure. Unless you’re a nipper, this game (well, game series) needs no introduction! I dread to think how many hours of my life I threw at the Monkey Island titles, but having said that every second was probably worth it. It truly was engrossing from beginning to end. Who remembers using that zip-wire? Superb animation, at the time!

Imagine: You’ve killed a few hundred more zombies on Dying Light, and you need a break of pace. You want to chillout and make sure your brain is still intact. A new Monkey Island would be an amazing nostalgic escape. For me, I’d be disappointed if this ever happened with improved graphics. Up the resolution, but keep the look and the interface pretty much as they were! Good opportunity to throw in some co-op modes? I think so.


Phantasy Star Online

“Holy crap! I forgot their was a Dreamcast,” I hear you all say, but for those of you that never forgot, Phantasy Star Online is probably the reason why. In Phantasy Star Online (lovingly abbreviated to PSO by it’s fans back in 2000) you played as either a Hunter, Ranger or Force – with each having their own strengths and weaknesses. PSO was my own first experience of a massively multiplayer online title and it was a huge success, so huge that it sits proudly alongside the likes of World of Warcraft and Everquest as genre giants.

Imagine: Reliving the PSO adventure all over again but in the full HD and then some glory that the Xbox One is capable of producing. If any game deserved to be given a sexy makeover, this has to be a contender with it’s huge fan base from days gone by – I seriously doubt any of them would be able to resist buying it again.



How I loved Tenchu: Stealth Assassins! It made it’s debut on Playstation in 1998 and was unlike anything else around at the time. I have always insisted that this was the inspiration for the Assassins Creed series, and I stand by that. It had the roof running, the stealth, the finishing moves, and the slightly incapable enemies who always stopped looking for you way too soon after spotting you – much to their peril! They all died moments later.

Imagine: The opportunities that Xbox Live throws up for a game like Tenchu are enormous, and I for one would love to see what kind of multiplayer modes a game like this could offer us measly gamers. Ninja versus the world sounds good enough to me. Tenchu would make one hell of an open-world title.

So there you have it gamers and gamettes. Five amazing titles from years gone by that I genuinely believe would be a huge success now, if they were to be remade and released for the Xbox One.

If you disagree with me, let me know why by leaving a comment below, and be sure to tell me what five long-forgotten titles you would love to see on the Xbox One.

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