Ark: Survival Evolved patch hopes to improve Xbox One frame-rates

Studio Wild Card, developers of the astronomically popular Preview Title on Xbox One, Ark: Survival Evolved, have revealed that a patch is in the works that should improve the games frame-rates on the Xbox One.

Only last month the tech-guru’s over at Digital Foundry gave Ark: Survival Evolved a bit of a hammering, saying “The game is crying out for a 30fps cap with an adaptive v-sync solution. Romps through swampland on both builds can see frame-rate dip well below 20fps, illustrating just how much of a challenge the developers face in getting Ark: Survival Evolved into shape.”

Will the patch improve things enough to please fans of the game? I, as one of them, certainly hope so. The forthcoming patch will also add a split-screen mode to both the PC and Xbox One versions of the game.

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