Back to Grassroots with Active Soccer 2 DX

Gamers of a certain age will remember soccer simulation classic series’ such as Player Manager, Kick Off and Sensible Soccer. I am one such gamer, and as a lifelong football fan those were the titles that dominated my childhood before the “gaming console” became a thing. With those titles an obvious source of inspiration, Active Soccer 2 DX for Xbox One is certainly worthy of your attention.

Released last Wednesday, Active Soccer 2 DX has become the first football (or soccer) game on the Xbox One to come from an indie studio. Throw in the fact that the indie studio in question – The Fox Software – is a one man team, it makes this release all the more impressive and intriguing. We’ll have a full review of Active Soccer DX 2 up on Xbox Sector very soon but knowing there’s an important update imminent, we’ll be fair and await that first so for now here’s an overview of what you should expect – kick off by watching the trailer!

Active Soccer DX 2 is played using a top-down view of the pitch, instantly throwing you back to the likes of Kick Off and Sensible Soccer which were true classics for so many reasons. The game brings to the Xbox One the not-yet catered for fast-paced arcade experience, combining amazing pick-up and play accessibility with a responsive and very easy to learn (yet tricky to master) control system.

The game includes a complete career mode, and offers you loads of international leagues, cup competitions and championships that will keep you coming back to the game time and time again. Manage your choice of lower-league team from the depths of Division 5, all the way to the top by making the all important decisions yourself. You buy new players. You create the tactics. You play the matches – it’s all you!

Sole Developer and Founder of The Fox Software, Gianluca Troiano says; “With Active Soccer 2 DX I wish the players found an alternative, fast, intuitive and engaging gaming experience. I would bring them to experience the emotions of the old classics soccer games, to fight on the pitch and cheer for a wonderful goal.”

Active Soccer 2 DX features

  • Multiplayer game, up to 8 local players
  • Career mode, supporting 850 teams (club and national) from all over the world and 22,000 players with individual skills
  • Classic teams and hundreds of legendary players included
  • Design your favourite competition
  • Complete team editor
  • Varied weather conditions
  • Different camera views: you can play vertically, horizontally or with a diagonal view
  • Soundtrack created by Chris Huelsbeck, a legend of game music

Active Soccer 2 DX is available to buy from the Xbox One Store right now, priced at £11.99 here in the UK. Already looks an absolutely bargain, but as always you can make it cheaper still with discount Xbox Credit from CD Keys. It’s also available in other regions.

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