Battalion 1944 sets sights on reviving World War 2 shooters

Bulkhead Interactive have officially revealed Battalion 1944, an in-development multiplayer shooter focussed around World War II. From the games description being banded out by the developers, this could be something pretty special!

Time and time again nowadays fans of the best-selling Call of Duty series level the same criticism at it’s latest releases, over and over again. Too futuristic. No more exo-suits. Gravity defying jumps are too much. Well guys, Battalion 1944 looks set to be exactly what you wish Call of Duty would once again become – a good old fashioned, man and his rifle, player skill focussed shooter with all the bells and whistles discarded and left behind at the barracks.

You will be fighting in real world locations such as the forests of Bastogne or the streets of Carentan. You’ll also be making use of genuine, authentically re-created World War II weapons such as the Karabiner 98 bolt-action carbine, M1 Garand rifle and the American-made Thompson sub-machine gun. Check out the official announcement trailer to see exactly what Battalion 1944 has to offer.

Battalion 1944 has clearly been inspired by classic shooters such as the original Call of Duty from 2003, and Medal of Honor: Frontline from the year before that, and I for one would love Battalion 1944 to be on a par with those titles – but so far it’s looking better!

As far as multiplayer options go, you will be able to join a Battalion on Battlerank – the games global competition system. Your Battalion will have season objectives to complete and doing so will see you rewarded with things like cosmetic perks to apply to your character, new weapon unlocks and a range of accessories too.

Battalion 1944 is powered by the Unreal Engine 4, and looks set to bring World War 2 back to the forefront of the videogames industry where it once sat loud and proud – before those exo-suits kicked in!

Bulkhead Interactive have launched a Kickstarter to assist with the game’s development and have promised to invest a minimum extra of £100,000 if the project’s funding goal is reached. The project goal is £100,000 and currently has raised just shy of £67,000 with 28 fundraising days remaining. It’s looking good guys, and a pledge of just £13 will bag your copy of the game on launch!

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