Battlefield 1 vs Infinite Warfare

It’s been less than 10 days since the official Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare trailer arrived and the change in fortune for Activision and Electronic Arts can only go down as a massive shock.

Sure we’ve been calling for a return to roots for both series, Hardline was a new direction but fans of Battlefield wanted propper war-time action, and likewise with Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare was a new direction, and choosing to follow that route offering a more ‘polished’ version of futuristic Warfare fans have been calling ever since for something more boots on ground.

EA and Dice certainly listen to their fans, the official reveal trailer for Battlefield 1 was only released on the 6th May, but in 5 short days it’s already become one of the top 250 most liked videos on YouTube and it’s rising fast and it’s today hit a new milestone of 25 million views.


On the other side of the Spectrum, Activision, Infinity Ward and Call of Duty sadly didn’t listen to their fans, they didn’t just stick with a future settings, they completely removed boots from the ground and pushed Warfare to Infinity and Beyond, sure we might see a Buzz Lightyear skin pack, but the space setting of Infinity Ward’s Infinite Warfare isn’t doing much to impress people.

While it was released 4 days prior to the Battlefield trailer, Infinite Warfare has received over 7 million views less (17.3M) and only 300,000 likes compared to Battlefields 1,300,000.

Finally Dislikes, It seems Infinity ward and Activision must have around 23,000 staff because the Battlefield reveal has been disliked 23,000 times. However Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has now hit 1.71 MILLION dislikes in less than 10 days.


This set’s Infinite Warfare as not only the most hated gaming trailer but also the 4th most disliked video ever to grace YouTube and worst still it’s expected to continue well past 2 million dislikes which could make it the 2nd most disliked video on Youtube ever…. in less than 2 weeks. Granted Justin Bieber and his ‘Baby’ video will hold onto the accolade of being the worst video on youtube, with 6 million dislikes, but considering that has 1.3 billion views, the ratio ‘s of time to views and dislikes makes Infinite Warfare even worse.

Rumours are now starting to fly, that Activison will make a U-Turn thanks to the YouTube backlash and will agree to start selling the Modern Warfare Remaster separately to appease fans who are annoyed that their only chance of old fashioned Call of Duty is locked behind an Infinite Warfare paygate.

There’s no doubt that a separate release of the Modern Warfare remaster would go some way to reinstating the trust lost by going against fans wishes because it doesn’t matter how Activision try to twist it, we agree Black ops 2 was the most disliked video, and proved pretty popular, that now has 60,000 dislikes, so for Infinite Warfare to have almost 30 times more dislikes in 10 days, there’s little doubt that it’s sent shockwaves across Activision and the FPS genre.


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