Claim 150 free Phoenix Credits on The Division

The Division is the best selling title of the year so far, and with good reason. However following it’s launch it has seen a turbulent few weeks because of a number of technical issues and glitches, which many players have used to their advantage.

Ubisoft have vowed to hunt down those who benefited from the glitches and punish them accordingly, justifying it with “It’s against the game’s terms of use.” However as a make-weight to those who behaved themselves and have not been using the glitches to gain an unfair advantage in any way, Ubisoft are rewarding players with 150 free Phoenix Credits – which are used in-game to buy some of the very best loot.

How to Claim your Phoenix Credits

First of all head to the Base of Operations and make your way to the Rewards Claim Vendor, who is situated below the central staircase which leads up to the Tech Wing, at the far end of the room.

Talk to him then hit your right bumper until you’re viewing the Resources options, and there you will find your gift of 150 Phoenix Credits courtesy of Ubisoft. Hit A to retrieve them, and be on your way. Enjoy!


Source: Polygon



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