Constructor HD delayed until Summer

This time last week, the ground of my gaming world was shaken by the tragic news that Constructor HD has, for a second time, been delayed.

System 3, developers of Constructor, announced the news on the official Constructor Facebook Page:

The original title was a huge part of my gaming youth – I was absolutely addicted and remember all the unique, freaky characters to this day and I had really psyched myself up for what was at the time an April release! So needless to say this news was a disappointment, but at the same time, the talk of new modes and re-imagined gameplay is exciting at the same time.

I just hope the gameplay isn’t re-imagined too much, because the original is considered a classic for a reason. If things aren’t broken System 3, please don’t attempt to fix them, I beg you! Constructor HD will now arrive on Xbox One some time in the summer – we’ll bring you a confirmed release date when it’s revealed.

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