Dark Souls III Hands On – Intro & Gameplay

We are just one week away from the release of Dark Souls III for Xbox One and today we’re delighted to bring you a look at the opening cinematic, and a brief glimpse at the early gameplay.

Unfortunately for fans of the series, it’s played by me, a total newcomer to the Dark Souls franchise and I had literally zero clue what I was doing, but hey, it’s called a first look for a reason! Once the opening cinematic leads to the creation of my character, Dave, you’ll watch as I struggle to work out what the hell I’m doing. I’ve since realised the glowing patches on the ground were there to help me – doh!

If you haven’t yet pre-ordered Dark Souls III, you can of course do so right now from the Xbox One Store. You can pickup the Standard edition for £49.99 here in the UK, or the Deluxe edition for £69.74. The Deluxe Edition is the full Dark Souls III game, plus the Season Pass which will give you access to 2 epic DLC packs as well as new maps, bosses, enemies and additional weapons and armor sets.

I’ll have more gameplay, streams and eventually a video review of Dark Souls III right here on Xbox Sector over the next week, so keep a look out for those!

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