Electrifying platformer TurnOn heading to Xbox One

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for many ID@Xbox titles, and yet another I’m looking forward to has now been confirmed to be heading to Xbox One. TurnOn, by russian indie studio Brainy Studio, is incoming!

TurnOn is an incredibly colorful and detailed puzzle platformer without platforms. The plot revolves around a small spark named Turnon, an alien space object, which flew through the atmosphere and hit in the city’s power station. There it came alive from the electric shock and became a rational being. As a result of the accident the city remains without electricity, and now Turnon, looks like a fireball with a pretty face, has to return the light back into the homes of citizens.

Professor Brain, a scientist from the power station, found Turnon at the time of the accident and decided to help him. Using minibus equipped with electric generator, they move around the city from one district to another and restore the power supply.

I’m told the title will open our eyes to just how much our world relies upon electricity, and sheds some light on what can happen if it suddenly wasn’t there anymore. It’s upto you to solve puzzles and work out how to switch-on every home whilst battling some unusual and unexpected foes.

TurnOn is penciled in for a Spring 2016 release, so stick with Xbox Sector for more on the title as it’s revealed.

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