Farming Simulator 17 Trailer for Xbox One

Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive combine once again this year to bring another instalment in their popular Farming Simulator series, with Farming Simulator 17 expected to arrive on Xbox One near the end of 2016.

Last year saw Farming Simulator 15 enjoy much more success on the Xbox One than people had expected it to, with it’s easily accessible controls, varied gameplay and sheer addiction quality proving a hit with console gamers. This has left it’s successor all the more eagerly awaited than it may have otherwise been.

I for one can’t wait to hit the fields once more, with Farming Simulator 15 being one of the few Xbox One titles I have personally stuck with long enough to 1000G it! This Farming Simulator 17 trailer doesn’t give too much away, but it does show a completely new environment (to the trained eye) and also various pieces of new equipment. Only time will tell us what else will be new to the series.

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