FIFA Gamer signed by VfL Wolfsburg

If you needed more proof that eSports and professional gaming in general was fast becoming a thing pretty much everywhere, this is probably it. 22 year old FIFA gamer David Bytheway has been signed by German Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg, to represent them in eSports events.

David began playing FIFA professionally at the age of just 17 and has represented the UK many times in the FIFA Interactive World Cup, taking him to destinations such as New York, Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro.

In a recent interview David said, “It was just something I was doing at home to start with, just playing my friends and wanting to be the best out of them, and all of a sudden I’m a part of a football club.”


Just like a professional footballer, David puts in hours of training every single day stating, “I always try to get in at least four to six games in a day, but you don’t want to play too many people because then you give away your secrets. So you stick between one or two and then you have to wait for them to come online.”

Is this a turning point for eSports? Will more professional football clubs follow the lead of VfL Wolfsburg and begin recruiting gamers of their own? Leave your thoughts with us in the comments.

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