First Titanfall 2 trailer teases worldwide reveal date

It’s been a long time coming. We’ve known for many months now that Titanfall 2 was in development, but until now it has all been kept very hush-hush.

Having said that, things are still very hush-hush after watching this teaser trailer, released today by EA and Respawn Entertainment, but at least we now know when to expect more details about what Titanfall 2 will have to offer! June 12th ladies and gentlemen – mark the date!

What little this teaser does reveal, as well as the all important date, is the presence of swords. It also tells us that Titanfall 2 will not be exclusive to Xbox, and will be released for PC and Playstation 4 alongside the Xbox One.

Stick with Xbox Sector for more on Titanfall 2 as it happens!

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