Horror Found…

After finding and noticing some of the weird ongoings on the site I had begun to realise that the site itself was teasing a new Xbox and PC exclusive title. I spent a fair amount of time digging through the sites source code, looking online to see any recent mentions of the website or anything even relating to it. But alas I had little luck in finding any useful information, the only thing I have to go with is the countdown timer on the site, leading me to believe what could be a reveal trailer or the likes.

I’ve been trying to figure out what else, if anything, could lead me in the right direction to find out more about this potential reveal. I think, for now, I’ll stick to coming back every few days to see if anything on the website has changed that may give some hints away. The counter still has 6 weeks to go… I wonder what else might be teased in that time. I guess for the moment, we have to just keep our eyes peeled for now.

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