Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Since it’s official announcement, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been on the receiving end of a pretty devastating backlash from gamers as a whole – including from many long-term fans of the award winning, top selling franchise.

First came the unprecedented movement of dislikes of the trailer on YouTube, then came the blow of Battlefield 1’s announcement completely dwarfing the Infinite Warfare anticipation levels. Gamers seem to believe that Call of Duty as a franchise has finally lost it’s identity, and is basically now a cross between Titanfall and Battlefront.

It has been criticized for taking ideas from every other big hitter in the FPS genre and combining them in an attempt to wow fans of all titles. It seems to have backfired, however, reaction to this latest trailer – the Official Multiplayer Reveal – seems to suggest that it may not all be doom and gloom afterall. Again it has received a large number of dislikes suggesting many fans remain disgruntled at the series’ direction, but it goes some way to redeeming some credibility.

Take a look and see what you think.

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