Mafia III ‘The Marcanos – The Italian Mafia’ Trailer

2k and Hangar 13 have released another trailer for their upcoming game Mafia III. The trailer highlights some of the key characters in the game, this particular trailer highlights The Italian Mafia also known as The Marcanos. The Marcanos family grew by spreading fear and destruction to control New Bordeaux.

The trailer above is part of a six series of videos highlighting some of the key characters you will meet once you get your hands on the upcoming release.

Four of the previous character videos can be seen below with the final video releasing abit closer to the release date.

Mafia III “Lincoln Clay – The Soldier”

Mafia III “Cassandra – The Voodoo Queen”

Mafia III “Burke – The Anarchist”

Mafia III “Vito – The Throwback”

Mafia III  will be available October 7, 2016 Xbox One. Mafia III is rated PEGI 18.

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