MagNets: Fully Charged coming to Xbox One next month

MagNets: Fully Charged, a defined version of a title that has already enjoyed notable success, will be making it’s way to Xbox One come March 11th, as confirmed today by developers Total Monkery.

It’s an arcade-style collect-em-up, if you know what that means! Players must battle to bring peace back to Polarity City one arena at a time by capturing malfunctioning Bloxbots in your Electromagnetic Nets, using scrap that you find laying around to make important upgrades.

The Fully Charged edition comes with a number of extras following an upgrade by the devs from Unity 4 to Unity 5, including improved graphics, an increase to 60 frames per second at 1080p and a large number of bug corrections and minor updates which will give us players a better all round experience – which is nice!

MagNets: Fully Charged will be given it’s first look on Xbox One live on stream by Pure Xbox, on February 26th in support of Special Effect – a charity dedicated to helping people overcome physical disabilities to allow them to enjoy gaming. This is part of the Gameblast 48 hour Charity Livestream being put on by Pure Xbox.

We are honoured to announce that the official first look gameplay will be streamed by Pure Xbox on February 26th for their brilliant Gamesblast 48hr Charity Livestream, supporting Special Effect, a charity dedicated to helping people overcome physical disability in order to enjoy videogames.

February 26th is also the date to mark if you want to pre-order MagNets: Fully Charged, ahead of the March 11th release date. One to watch guys, keep tabs on it!

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