McDroid now available in the Xbox One Store

Yesterday, McDroid became available in the Xbox One Store for digital download, following a successful launch on Steam for this intergalactic tower defense title from developers Grip Digital.

McDROID is a mix of action and tower defense gameplay, developed by the innovative team at Elefantopia. Prague studio Grip Digital, also known for current hit The Solus Project, is responsible for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.

When you mix creativity, tough action, gorgeous art style and lots of humor – you get McDROID. One of the most unique Tower Defense action games you can find in this part of the galaxy! We are proud of the game and can’t wait to see it in the hands of players on PS4 and Xbox One,” says Jakub Mikyska, co-founder and CEO of Grip Digital.

McDroid tasks you with taking control of a robot named, you guessed it – McDroid – an adorable little robot who has crash landed on a life-lush planet which has is infested with scumbag alien life. Your mission is to repair your ship and also to free the planet from it’s alien scum infestation!

You’ll have to build yourself a base, strategically lay down reliable defenses while harvesting resources and discovering new insane weaponry, all in the face on an alien onslaught as they try to take you down. You can choose how involved you want to be – be a true leader and oversee the battle yourself, or focus your attentions on gathering resources and building up your base while automated turrets take care of the nasties trying to infiltrate.

Frantic, cel-shaded fun for gamers of all ages. McDroid is priced at £6.39 for UK gamers, and $7.99 in the US. At that price, it’d be rude to at least not give it a shot, right? Find it right here in the Xbox One Store!

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