Mirrors Edge: Catalyst delayed for a second time

Yesterday, Mirrors Edge: Catalyst developers EA Dice revealed that for the second time, the title is to be delayed. It may only be by another two weeks, but it’s still another delay – arrrgh!

The original release date was set as February 23rd, but this was put back to May 24th back in October last year. And now, EA Dice have felt it necessary to push that back a little further. Mirrors Edge: Catalyst will now release in North America on June 7th, and in Europe two days later on June 9th.

From today a Closed-Beta is kicking off which will see the title through it’s paces, with particular attention being paid to “brand new online technology” developed by EA Dice specifically to support features in Mirrors Edge: Catalyst such as time trials and leaderboards.

Speaking of the delay on the official Mirrors Edge: Catalyst website, design direction Erik Odeldahl said “We’re confident that these extra two weeks will make sure the game is as amazing as possible for you the players.”

If that’s the case, I for one am prepared to wait that little bit longer! How about you guys? Leave your thoughts as a comment below.

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