Mirrors Edge Catalyst : Taking shape

With the announcement that the release date had slipped gamers weren’t best please, however rather than releasing too close to the fantastic OverWatch you can understand why EA & Dice would rather use a few weeks extra to ensure the game is absolutely perfect, especially with such a strong social core promised within the game.


Anyone who’s played the fantastic original will have an idea what to expect, and some have been fortunate enough to play the mostly  brilliant beta which impressed across the board except for a few latter reported stutters (which I have to say I didn’t experience myself)

Take a look at the official gameplay trailer if you need to whet your appetite.

You can also get a feel for the audio direction of the game with the release of “Warning Call” by Chvrches last week.

We’re glad to announce that Scottish electronic trio CHVRCHES is contributing to the Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst soundtrack with an explosive pop tune created exclusively for the game. One of the band’s best work to date, “Warning Call” will be available on Spotify and iTunes on starting May 13th.

on Spotify and iTunes

If you need a little more to keep you drooling before the June 6th Release date, then take a look at the officially released screenshots below.



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