Morphing up the Mafia!

This time, you play a gangster in the vicinity of a city of New bourdeux.
The year is set 1968 and you take the control of one Lincoln Clay, who came straight out of the Vietnam war. Lincoln has a criminal past as he belonged to the black mob. But the mob was wiped off the face of earth by a rival Italian mafia. He decides, the only way to take down one mafia empire, is to build a new one against it. And that is what the storyline is about. You play as Licoln, while you go around the city, taking out mobsters with heavy guns, brass knuckles, knives or puch and kick them to hell. The idea is to form a mafia of your own, with mobsters under you as you take revenge on the Italian mafia.

Speaking about grpahics and detailing to the game, they have done one exceptional job. The after-shaved face with dot-like whiskers, sweat and blood, wrinkles on the face are some of the detailing that has left people dumbfounded. The reflections off a car’s hood or off an ocean brings a pleasant feel to a gamer’s eye. The closer you look at each of the characters, the more you understand the extent of the detailings.

They have kept the game as real as it gets and it already makes you feel you want to join a mafia real time.

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