New Gwent Faction Coming In Blood And Wine Expansion For Witcher 3

A Panel at PAX East released some more information into what we will be receiving in the Blood and Wine expansion for Witcher 3.

A new deck will be added to the already amazing game of Gwent. The deck will be known as Skellige.

The first 4 cards have been revealed below, and include ‘The Mushroom’ and ‘Drakkar’ aswell as others. The Mushroom card will transform the Berzerker special units from Skellige into Bears. The Drakkar card is for the siege row, the special character Madman Lugos  and the Golden Cockerel.

Along with the information above the panel also revealed that the collector’s edition of Blood and Wine will include the physical decks for Nilfgaard and The Northern Realms.

Lastly…. the panel asked the audience to cheer if they wanted a stand-alone mobile version of Gwent. They recorded it, and promised to show it to their bosses in Warsaw. Please…Please….Please let this happen.

chrome 4/23/2016 , 10:35:19 PM Twitch - Google Chrome

chrome 4/23/2016 , 10:35:57 PM Twitch - Google Chrome

chrome 4/23/2016 , 10:37:37 PM Twitch - Google Chrome

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