Olli Olli 2 & Not a Hero heading to Xbox One

Team17 and studio Roll7 have announced that the definitive versions of OlliOlli2 and NOT A HERO will be releasing on Xbox One on the 24th May.


The incredible sequel to the cult smash hit OlliOlli! is just around the corner, for only £9.99 you’ll get more of the iconic skating frenzy set across 5 worlds, with 50 amateur and pro levels to work through as well as a massive 250 challenges to keep you skating.

Within this XL edition, you’ll also find local multiplayer split-screen, Combo rush and the most requested fan feature Freeskate mode where you can practice your moves, manuals and ollies until your skating heart’s content.


Secondly Not a Hero (also £9.99) is a run and gun shooter set in a very pixelated and equally British world, with run-and-gun elements mixed with a cover-based shooter and if that’s not enough to get your attention, there’s some anthropomorphic rabbit’s, If you’re not quite sure what that means then maybe this trailer will hep you out.

Best of all, anyone wishing to add both games to their collection will be pleasantly surprised that Team 17 are offering a bundle giving you the second game half-price,

That’s right, for only £14.99 you’ll be the definitive owner of the definitive collections of these two definitive games.

Now that’s definitively worth a look.

T17&R7 announcement 2

I’ve had a play on both games and will be bringing you the full reviews on the 23rd May (the day before release) so be sure to keep an eye on

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