Reagan Gorbachev gets Xbox One release date

Have you ever sat and wished “I wish I could play as Ronald Reagan with a samurai sword in a 2D top-down action stealth game, designed for me and a buddy to enjoy some couch co-op, with my pal playing as Mikhail Gorbachev,”?

Of course you have! Who hasn’t! And soon my gaming friends, your wishes will come true as Reagan Gorbachev, from indie studio Team2Bit, is coming to Xbox One. Check out the launch trailer below.

The Developers say…

The year is 1986. Cold War leaders Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev have been kidnapped by militant extremists. Once rivals, now they must cooperate… or die. Armed only with their fists and samurai swords and poison darts and pistols and shotguns and fully automatic assault rifles and grenade launchers and miniguns and some other guns – sneak, slash or shoot your way through an army of mercenaries. Save the world from nuclear Armageddon. Reagan Gorbachev is a top-down action stealth game for one or two players (local co-op.)


  • Play as historical icons Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Stealth, fight, and puzzle your way through each level using a variety of skills including computer hacking, trap setting, and lock picking
  • Use weapons ranging from Katanas and Poison Blowguns to Assault Rifles and Uzis
  • 32 punishing “Meatline Miami” levels (high difficulty, short burst levels)
  • 1P or 2P local co-op
  • Unique “1 Player co-op” mode where a single player controls both characters
  • Challenge your friends to Reagan Gorbachev trivia

Reagan Gorbachev is expected to release on Xbox One on February 24th.

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