Release Date confirmed for Hitman: Sapienza

With many of us still getting to grips with the challenges that Hitman: Paris has thrown our way, Square Enix are already teasing us with what’s to come next – and we now have the confirmed release date for Episode 2; Hitman: Sapienza.

The follow-up Episode to Paris, which will take us all along with our beloved Agent 47 to the sunny, coastal town of Sapienza, will arrive on Xbox One on April 26th. Here’s a sun-ravished, although incredibly uneventful confirmation trailer that was sent our way.

Will we get to use that inflatable alligator (or crocodile) as a deadly weapon? That remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, Episode 2 will be a hell of a lot more eventful than that date confirmation trailer! To really get a feel of what’s to come from Episode 2: Sapienza we need to take you back in time to October 28th last year, when Square Enix shared this bad boy with us;

So there we have it – that’s Sapienza, and we’re all going. If you purchased the Hitman Intro Pack only you will be able to purchase Episode 2 from the Xbox One Store from April 26th. If you went all out and bagged Hitman: The Full Experience then of course this new episode will download for you completely free of charge come release day. We can’t wait, and now feel a sense of urgency to get Paris finished off before Sapienza lands!

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