Rocket League Hoops Mode arrives next week

We’ve known this was coming for quite some time now, but indie developers Psyonix have finally revealed a release date for the eagerly awaited Hoops Mode update for their phenomenally successful title Rocket League.

Tuesday 26th April is the all important date guys and girls! If you have, for some reason, found a way to stop yourself from playing Rocket League of late, a reason to get back on it is imminent! I’ll be honest – I despite Basketball as a sport, but playing it in rocket-fuelled, gravity defying vehicles including the Batmobile? How can anyone not be looking forward to this? Take a look at the official trailer.

If you watched it, you are now excited and you know it. The hoops are actually bigger than I imagined they would be which for someone of my limited gaming talents is a bonus! I’m sure many of you (or at least a couple) are just as shit as me, so these huge hoops are a bonus for us losers. We now stand a chance of actually scoring some points!

The Hoops Mode update is completely free of charge. With the update comes the introduction of a new DLC, a premium NBA Flag Pack which will allow you to show your favored NBA team on the flag of your vehicle. Being premium, that of course means it will cost – as yet we do not know how much, but it’s flags at the end of the day, it’s not going to be expensive.

So, jump back on Rocket League today, re-familiarize yourself with your vehicle and have your engine (and rocket boosts) ready to go come Tuesday!

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