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Rocket League – Rocket Pass – All Premier Items!!

The Rocket Pass is finally avaialble and boy have we got a treat for you!

Rocket League’s Fortnite style “Rocket Pass” works in the same way as epic’s own “Battle Pass” Free tiers will allow all players to unlock a selection of cosmetic items for use in game, while the premium pass (which costs 10 keys (£7.99) will house it’s own 70 tiers of exclusive items.

As a special treat we’re not just going to show you the Rocket Pass, we’re going to show the premium items, every single one of them, right now over on our facebook live stream.

Why spend keys to work through all tiers on day one? Well firstly it’s to showcase the items to all of you amazing people, and after completion, you keep working towards “pro” tiers which will unlock painted and certified versions of the best items, such as the awesome Maverick GTX.
You’ll be pleased to know there’s no lengthly update to endure (that was last week in preparation) you’ll simply find the “Rocket Pass” added to the main menu.

If you’re looking to skip tiers as we have, it doesn’t come cheap, skipping 30 tiers will cost a whopping 40 keys, which is a 50% saving over the usual 2 keys per tier.
Thankfully Psyonix say it’s expected about 100 hours of gameplay will work through all 70 tiers, so fingers crossed most of you will be unlocking the awesome new items in no time at all.

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