Skate 4 for Xbox One accidentally leaked?

Earlier today, a post was made on the website of one of Australia’s biggest home entertainment stores, JB Hi-Fi, which may have possibly let slip not only the confirmation of Skate 4 for Xbox One, but perhaps even it’s current target release date.

As so often with these things, the page was very swiftly removed again – but not before one quick-fingered Reddit user grabbed this screenshot.


As you can see it shows what to be fair is a highly suspicious cover-art… I for one do not buy that piece of shit as the real deal. It also clearly states August 23rd 2016 as the release date for said product. Now, is any of this real?

My immediate next destination after hearing about this was the EA Press site to do some digging around. Had I missed something?! The answer, of course, was no. At no stage have EA Games confirmed Skate 4 for Xbox One, or any other platform for that matter, in their press releases – which is a crying shame, because as this Instagram snap below proves, Skate 4 is certainly an in-demand title for EA’s fans.


Poor Yarny! Dude gets no love right there.

However amazing Skate 4 would be, and however more amazing it would be if it arrived on our Xbox One consoles this year, I’m calling bullshit – and not only that, but I’m calling a complete publicity stunt’s worth of bullshit from JB Hi-Fi, and it’s worked.

There will be a Skate 4, of course there will even though it hasn’t as yet been confirmed by EA. They are game developers and publishers, they like money and profit, and those are two things Skate 4 would without doubt guarantee them – it makes sense, and not making it happen makes no sense at all. It will come!

Will it come when JB Hi-Fi say it will? No. No it won’t.

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