Skyrim special edition mods in Xbox1

The special edition of Elder scrolls V: Skyrim was released for consoles, letting us play the game with new gen visuals. On top of that, mods were also released for Xbox 1, which will allow us to expland on the vanilla game. However, there are still concerns on how to install and access these mods. In this piece of text, am going to take you step by step on how to do it.

Step 1: Initially, you need to set up an account on, in case you don’t have one already. After setting up an account, select the Xbox one platform option from the drop down. It’ll list all the mods available for Xbox and also helps to add them to the library to make it easier for access.


Step 2: Load the skyrim special edition on your console and go to the mods section of the main menu. For this, you need to stay logged into your bethesda account. But a point to be noted here is that, you need to access the mods before the start of the game. You can not add or remove mods during the pause menu in the game.


In the mods menu, all the mods that were added to the library will be seen. The mods will be distributed along many categories for easy identification. Mostly, you will end up getting confused which one to go for. In this case, it is better to choose the most popular ones or the high rated ones.

Step 3: Select a mod for a description of its effects as represented in the below picture. Apart from this you will have the option of downloading it and enabling it. The descriopotions also show the compatiability issues, if any exists for the selected mod. You can download and enable as many as mods you want from the list.


Step 4: After the mods have been downloaded and enabled, exit the menu and reload all the game files. Once that is done, you can go back to the game and check out all the mod changes that have taken effect. You can disable any mod you need by going to the mod options in the pause menu.

Now you are ready to play!





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