Space Dust Racers is now Obliteracers

If like me you’ve got a thing for the great smaller budget titles on Xbox One that come from a wide variety of indie studios, you may have been aware of a titled called Space Dust Racers, pencilled in for release during Quarter 1 of 2016 – which is pretty much now.

Well Space Dust Racers is no more, but the game will still be released.

Developers Space Dust Studios took the decision to partner with Deck 13, and the game then became known as Obliteracers – which is the title that will be used once the game is released.

The release date itself has now been moved back to Quarter 2 at best, but possibly Quarter 3 depending on how smooth the submission to Microsoft plays out when the time comes. A release date for the title on PC is expected in the near future, and the console counterparts will follow afterwards.

If you’re not yet familiar with the game at all, take a look at this trailer, and check out the official website at!

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