System 3 comment on Constructor HD delay

We reported recently on a second delay for System 3’s classic property strategy title, Constructor HD, as they attempt to bring it to the Xbox One. It’s cult following has been outraged, and System 3 have felt the need to explain the situation by issuing a press release on the matter.

Here it is, in their words:

We have a blockage.

Gerald Scrotum, a Constructor Town hall representative was asked to comment by an angry mob that has gathered outside: “We are sorry to report a blocked drain on the Katie Swallows estate has caused an explosion that took out most electricity lines in the town.

This has had a serious effect on daily life in our part of this green and pleasant land. Of course, we are trying our utmost to rectify the problem as soon as possible…but repairs are being hampered by rioting thugs, a psychotic individual wielding a chainsaw, not to mention a thief who has made off with a mile of replacement electrical cable!

But we have a crack team of Workers, Repairmen and Foreman on the job as we speak. They have only caused minor damage to five adjacent properties, so the work is going well…Up the workers!”.

Local resident and computer boffin John Twiddy spoke of his frustration: “I’m working on a simulation video game, based on our fair town, “Constructor HD” it’s called. I haven’t been able to get done what I need to get done…that’s the long & short of it! Though I have managed to get some important work done on amazing tutorial code, oh… and I managed to film some footage with Nobby Styles of the Siciliano Brothers Funeral home & Pizza restaurant before he became most upset and shot up the place with an automatic rifle”.

On a more serious note, we at System 3 have to apologise for the late running of Constructor HD.

We’ve all been working hard on this project for a number of years now, and the finishing line is in sight, so we are not going to rush this game out. We want to get it right.

As the game has progressed, new ideas have been added to enrich the gameplay, and these new ideas inevitably lead to delays. But rest assured, the team has been working hard on fantastic new updates that will greatly enhance the classic gameplay we all know and love.

Constructor always had a reputation of being one tough game, so for Constructor HD, we have added a great new Tutorial mode to help the player with the complexities of the game.

In addition, there is also a comprehensive in-game manual to aide those brain-fade moments. Plus, we’ve also added a cool lever designer mode, which enhances many aspects of game-play, especially online/multi-player games. On the audio side, the guys have been busy recording amazing voice overs provided by a proper geezer. We’d love to tell you more, but we’d end up in concrete boots if we did!

So after much debate we have decided a more realistic release date for the game will be late summer, 2016.

The formats the game will be released on will be PS4, Xbox One and Steam(PC).

We know this will be a big disappointment for fans of the game, and it’s a big disappointment for us as well. But we are committed to producing this game to the best of our abilities and we want to release a game that’s worthy of the Constructor name.

Thanks for your understanding and we will be back with more announcements soon.


You’re still here, great! So there you have it boys and girls, straight from the not-actually-horses mouth. As a fan of the original myself the news was of course disappointing, it’s been one I’ve been looking forward to getting to grips with – but with the promise of further improvements over the original, but hopefully not too many changes, I’m willing to forgive them… this once.

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