The Division breaks records with 6.4 million beta players

Any Xbox One owner will (or certainly should) be aware of the The Division Open Beta, which has now come to an end but kicked-off on Xbox One last Thursday. It gave us all the opportunity to hit the pandemic-stricken streets of New York, to make a start on taking back the city.

Today, Ubisoft have revealed that an absolutely massive 6.4 million players got involved, making it the biggest beta ever for a new IP on current generation platforms. The full game will be released, at long last, on March 8th for Xbox One, and other platforms of which we do not speak.

The average The Division beta gamer spent 4 hours and 52 minutes as an active sleeper agent. Over a third of that time was spent in the Dark Zone, The Division’s eerie and highly dangerous player-vs-player area. Over 2.5 million players went rogue, by opening fire on other The Division members.

The public beta was seen as the perfect opportunity for Ubisoft to test it’s online setup, as well as recent changes and updates to the title before it’s released in a few weeks time. Feedback from the beta players was also a priority, and with record breaking numbers getting involved, Ubisoft is now looking forward to the full release come the 8th March.

“We want to thank the millions of people who joined in on The Division’s Open Beta,” said, Magnus Jansen, creative director. “We hope everybody enjoyed playing, and we think the beta is going to help ensure a great launch for the game. We’re looking forward to everyone getting their hands on the full game when The Division is released on March 8th.”

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